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Louisa F. Aldana Urzola

Louisa F. Aldana Urzola Louisa F. Aldana Urzola

QUESTION: Why did you choose to study Law and not another degree?

ANSWER: I have family who are lawyers, and I was very interested in the profession. I decided to continue the family tradition.

Q: What led you to study at URJC?

A: I am Colombian and had done part of the race in my country. When comparing the academic programs, it seemed to me that the one at URJC was very similar to the one I had, which made it easier for me to complete my studies. I had to go through many bureaucratic procedures but finally I was able to access. On the other hand, the proximity to my home was another aspect that made me opt for the URJC.

Q: What memories do you have of your time at the University?

A: My experience has been very positive, both because of my classmates and, undoubtedly, because of the professors I had during my degree. I also fondly remember the afternoons outside of class, enjoying the sun, and university life in general.

Q: What do you highlight the most or what do you value most about your university stage at URJC?

A: In addition to the merely academic part, the personal treatment with the professors was very simple and dynamic, you could easily access the information thanks to them.

Q: Would you change anything about your time at URJC?

A: Maybe yes, since I missed having worked more on the practical part, to better understand the professional world and the day-to-day life of a lawyer, specifically in my case, attendance at trials is very important.

Q: What did graduating mean to you?

A: Having achieved what took me so long, since I had just studied four years in my country and here I studied another four, so graduating was a great achievement, which took me a lot of effort but which I would definitely do again.

Q: Was it easy to find a job after finishing your studies?

A: I found myself in a difficult job market, so with two classmates with whom I had a good relationship, we decided to start a business on our own. We were partners for two years but finally decided to go our separate ways and specialize in different branches of Law. I currently work as an employee and I am specialized in Immigration and Labor Law.

Q: How do you imagine yourself professionally in five years?

A: Unquestionably working as a freelancer.

Q: Do you plan to continue studying soon?

A: I recently did a training on Access to the Labor Office Shift, and I would like to continue expanding my knowledge in the branches of Labor and Immigration Law.

Q: Would you value doing it again at our university?

A: Of course, it would be one of my options.

Q: As an Alumni of the URJC, what advice would you give to students who are finishing their studies at this university?

A: Above all, don't be afraid to ask, investigate, consult with professionals and solve doubts in class and if they have to make a mistake, they should do it, nothing happens. Their doubts can also be used to resolve those of other colleagues.