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Job placement program

The labor insertion program of the Careers It is aimed at URJC graduates who have obtained the degree in the last three years.

With this program we want to support and guide you, improving your employability and favoring your job placement.

Employment guidance and counseling program

Professional Guidance Service

If you have finished your university studies in the last three years and are looking for a job, contact the Careers of the URJC and request information about this service. We will answer your questions and help you plan your professional career: how to write a good resume, how to successfully face a job interview, or what professional opportunities exist for your degree.

We advise you

We help you:

  • Know the labor market and the professional opportunities of your degree.
  • Define your project and future professional goals.
  • Where to look for a job: public sector (public administrations, public job offers); private sector (main employment portals, temporary employment agencies, job search engines, company directories).
  • Find job search tools:

             Curriculum Vitae (video CV, web CV, European CV model – European CV template, European CV example, European CV instructions).

             Presentation letter.

             Selection interviews (psychotechnical tests, personality tests..., group dynamics, selection interview).

we train you

We train you to:

  • Develop skills and competencies by participating in real selection processes.
  • Record on video a mock selection interview with our counselors and analyze it later with them to reinforce what you do well and also be able to correct possible errors in language, body expression, specification of content, etc.
  • Carry out psychometric tests.
  • Participate in mock group dynamics.

personal advisory service

This part of the program comprises two types of actions:

Group sessions in which you can participate free of charge in guidance and counseling workshops in which the keys to accessing the labor market on job search techniques, personnel selection tests, carrying out group dynamics and psychometric tests will be addressed.

Personalized attention. Contact our counselors and request a personal job orientation interview:

Maria Cristina Martinez


Information and training for employment

The Information and Training Program for Employment aims to make available to graduates information on activities related to employment and entrepreneurship, as well as training courses that complement the graduate's professional profile.

employment forum

The URJC Employment Forum is an annual event in which you can contact the best companies, participate in selection processes and attend the presentations and conferences that are scheduled during the days of its celebration and which are attended by the resource managers human and selection managers.

Through our communication channels we will inform you of the dates and campus where this course will be held.

Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual fairs, organized by professional sectors through the web.

Postgraduate training

The Training for Employment Program aims to improve the employability of the graduate by developing competencies, skills and abilities that facilitate their future job placement and professional career.

To this end, the Graduates Office launches various training activities and various courses that allow graduates to access the job market in the best conditions.

Graduates of the Rey Juan Carlos University have at their disposal the academic offer of the University Masters and  Own Master's Degrees, Specialist and Expert, and Continuous Training Courses, urjcx, URJC online and may request the development of specific training courses for which the Office will study their feasibility and implementation.

Training courses for employment and improvement of employability

Throughout each course we will send you Employment Training Courses, which will teach you and help you improve your skills and competencies, prepare for an interview, improve your CV, etc.


RedEmprendia Crowdfunding: We join forces to make university entrepreneurial projects a reality

Making your project a reality is much easier when you have the support of other people. This is the philosophy with which it was born RedEmprendia Crowdfunding, the first platform crowdfunding for university projects of the Ibero-American sphere.

In collaboration with Throw us, pioneers of crowdfunding in Spain, and with the patronage of Banco Santander, through Santander Universities, RedEmprendia has created an online platform where university students can get financial resources to bring your ideas to life, adding small contributions from interested people to whom they must offer a reward in return.

RedEmprendia Crowdfunding is open to any entrepreneurial, technological, cultural, social, environmental initiative, etc. promoted by students, researchers, professors or graduates -from the year 2012- of Ibero-American universities.

Just for signing up RedEmprendia Crowdfunding y submit a project, university entrepreneurs will receive free advice to design and launch your crowdfunding campaign. In addition, those ideas that are innovative and based on scientific or technological knowledge may be distinguished with the seal PIBU (Innovative Project of University Base), with which they will access a series of added benefits:

  • Visibility. All the initiatives that have the PIBU seal will be announced through the RedEmprendia website and social media channels.
  • Financing. RedEmprendia will contribute up to an additional 2.000 euros for the three most successful crowdfunding campaigns that have achieved the PIBU seal.
  • Mentoring. The projects with the greatest growth potential will have personalized advice through the RedEmprendia Mentor Network.

In order to benefit from all these advantages, entrepreneurs have to upload their project to the platform before March 15th 2016.

From now on, all the advantages of crowdfunding are within the reach of university students in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, with the experience of the Lánzanos team, -more than 550 projects successfully financed and around five and a half million euros raised - and the support of RedEmprendia, the largest university network in innovation, entrepreneurship and R&D transfer in the region.

Self-employment and entrepreneurship

Promotion of Initiatives

If you are a person with restlessness and an entrepreneurial spirit, this is your program. We offer:

  • Initial information about the possibilities of creating a company.
  • Personalized attention in the maturation stage of your business idea.
  • Advice and support in carrying out creation plans.
  • Permanent tutoring during the development process of the business project.
  • Center for entrepreneurship and business revitalization: physical spaces where you can take your first steps as an entrepreneur.
  • Contact with created companies.
  • Conferences and Meetings.

Consult the Reference Guide "How to create your own company"

Business Incubators

The Business Incubators help you materialize your business idea throughout the process and in all its phases, from when the idea is just a sketch to the implementation of the business. Access the content that will guide you in your entrepreneurial project, will provide you with all the information you need and you will be able to access our training courses at all levels.

Móstoles Business Incubator

Vicálvaro Business Incubator

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Employment and disability

Generating Professional Skills Program. GPS program

Specific program aimed at the inclusion of students with disabilities at the Rey Juan Carlos University in the labor market, in paid employment or self-employment as entrepreneurs.

This program completes the actions carried out by the URJC aimed at students with disabilities throughout their academic training process, in the classrooms and during external internships, coordinated by the Unit for Attention to Persons with Disabilities. Aware of the specific needs of these graduates, the GPS Program, Generating Professional Skills, is created, whose last stage, Recalculating the route, is carried out in the Graduate Office, through a specific task of evaluation, orientation and support for insertion.

The actions developed in this area consist of:

  • Personal interview for job orientation.
  • Training and skills training for access to employment.
  • Support to the incorporation to the job.
  • Labor mediation and analysis of job offers.
  • Follow-up of the graduate to maintain employment.
  • Training and information for companies regarding the hiring of people with disabilities.

Conference on Employment and Disability

Scheduled meetings where different models of labor integration of people with disabilities will be presented and debated, public and private initiatives will be presented that help the disabled to fully integrate into society and the labor market.

More information at the Graduates Office or at the Care Unit for People with Disabilities

Links of interest for job search and entrepreneurship

Portal Description

Get active

Activate is a Google platform, launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, whose objective is to help young people to look for a job and develop technological skills, which are highly demanded in the labor market.

Association of Young Entrepreneurs

AJE Madrid fosters the talent of young entrepreneurs in society. Since independence we help our associates to create and consolidate their companies by providing the necessary technical, human and logistical means, as well as promoting a new entrepreneurial and innovative culture.

Entrepreneur self-diagnosis

Initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. An interactive instrument has been created that allows entrepreneurs to complete a questionnaire on seven groups of personal characteristics and then offer the entrepreneur a series of recommendations that will help them be prepared to start their project.

Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME)

The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises is a national professional organization of a confederative and intersectoral nature, for the defense, representation and promotion of the interests of small and medium enterprises and self-employed entrepreneurs. CEPYME is recognized as the most representative business organization at the state level.

Entrepreneurs Center of the Community of Madrid

The Center for Entrepreneurs of the Community of Madrid is a comprehensive center for Entrepreneur Support Services. The Center offers advisory services, search for financing, training offer, preparation and tutoring of projects and networking, as well as information on aid and subsidies for entrepreneurs.


Elaboration and distribution of the curriculum between private and concerted educational centers.


Meta job search specialized in offers for teachers. All existing teacher offers concentrated on the same platform.

Federation of Organizations of Professionals, Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs (OPA)

OPA is one of the three main organizations representing the self-employed in Spain.

Official Credit Institute (ICO)

The Official Credit Institute is a public bank with the legal form of a public business entity, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support.

Madrid Undertakes

Madrid Emprende is the brand under which the Madrid City Council carries out all its business promotion activities. With the collaboration of administrations, universities, large companies, business schools and civil society entities, it offers the entrepreneur comprehensive support that covers all aspects related to the start-up of the company and its subsequent growth.

Employment Option

Opcionempleo.com is a job search engine in Spain, which gives the job seeker access to a large selection of offers, compiled from various sources on the Web.


Space for the exchange of documents for the preparation of oppositions to teaching. Thousands of documents open for consultation.

Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs

The Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs is subsidized by the European Commission. It is a transnational exchange program that offers the opportunity for young and experienced entrepreneurs to exchange experiences within the framework of stays. The program is coordinated by the Support Offices, represented by Chambers of Commerce, business initiative support centers, business incubators, etc.

Eures Network

The European portal for professional mobility. An easy way to find information about job and learning opportunities in Europe.

State Public Employment Service (SEPE)

Autonomous body of the General State Administration that is entrusted with the organization, development and monitoring of the programs and measures of the Employment Policy.

Single Business Window

Free public online counseling program with a response within 48 business hours, with no limitation on the number of queries you wish to make.