• Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences
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government and organization

Dean: Mr. Miguel Cuerdo Mir   Academic training    Upcoming   
Academic secretary: Mr. Manuel Blanca Arroyo 
Vice Dean of Academic Planning, Faculty and Study Plans: Mr. Antonio Montero Navarro  
Vice Dean of Quality: Mrs. Monica Santos Cebrian  
Vice Dean for Research, International Relations and Business Relations: Mr. José Ramón Saura Lacárcel  
Vice Dean of Students and University Extension: Mrs. Isabel Rodriguez Iglesias   
Vice Dean of Postgraduate, Own Teaching and Library: Ana Maria Moreno Adalid  
Innovation, Digitization and Foresight Coordinator: Mrs. Ana Medina Lopez  
Coordinator of External Practices, TFG and UDD: Mr. Alfredo Cabeza Ares  
Communication and Institutional Relations Coordinator: Mr. Juan Pedro Muñoz Miguel  

Location: Madrid Campus

Teaching at the Campuses of Aranjuez, FuenlabradaMóstolesMadrid