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Due to the increase in energy demand, added to the growing commitment to climate change, multiple environmental, economic and strategic challenges are created, where any type of organization or entity can be involved with a sustainable balance.

Thanks to the experience gained in the management of our properties as well as that of the professionals who make up UNEFE, we can offer a variety of services and solutions both to companies in the public sector (town halls, institutes, schools, hospitals) and the private sector. , always from an objective and independent prism.

Energy Management Systems Consulting

  • Development of energy policies
  • Advice with the current regulations of the energy and electricity sector
  • Preparation to certify the energy management system (ISO50001)
  • Design of energy performance indicators

Energy audits

  • Carrying out audits according to ISO/ASHRAE standards
  • Energy Inventory
  • Energy billing analysis
  • Proposals for saving measures
  • Continuous improvement of energy management

Energy Studies

  • Building Energy Rating
  • Building Energy Simulation
  • Predictive models
  • Computation of regressions

Sustainability - Renewables

  • LEED certification
  • BREEAM certification
  • Life cycle study
  • Renewable Energies: Solar thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, renewable


Due to our energy management strategies, various benefits are provided to organizations: