Navigating Women's Architectures

Posted by Nora Fernandez Fernandez

The Fuenlabrada School of Engineering invites the architect Elia Gutiérrez Mozo to share the results of her research and comment on the state of teaching architectural composition.

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 31, the EIF is organizing a conference by Elia Gutiérrez Mozo, renowned architect of the 'Navigating Architectures for Women' project. 

The event will take place in the Graduate Room of the Departmental Building I of the Fuenlabrada Campus and will begin at 12:30 p.m.  

The conference will be presented by Javier Simó Reigadas, director of the EIF, who has indicated the objective of "identifying and making visible the architecture produced by women in Spain during recent decades."  

As Simó tells us, "this is a subject on which the School, and in particular the professors and researchers in the branch of Architecture, have been working steadily for years." Within this framework, the EIF held the V Conference 'Women in Architecture' two months ago which, together with initiatives such as tomorrow's, "show the commitment of the School to promote teaching actions in favor of sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda”, he specified.  

The protagonist of the activity is Professor Elia Gutiérrez Mozo, a recognized expert in the area of ​​Architectural Composition and principal investigator of the project 'Navigating Women's Architectures'. As the director of the EIF indicates, “her relationship with her arose within the framework of external consultations to improve our Architecture studies. In an almost collateral way, the coincidence of interests in this subject was made evident and this led us to finalize this conference”.  

The objective of the meeting is "to engage in an enriching dialogue for our academic community and for Elia Gutiérrez's research team, based on reflections and experiences of URJC researchers who have been working on the theme of 'women and architecture' for years". 

In addition, the meeting hopes to comment on the results of the 'Navigating Women's Architectures' project, although it is still formally unfinished. During its development, the team has designed a mobile application called NAM that allows visibility of unique works carried out by female architects in Spain during the last decades. "Although information is still being entered into the system, it is already interesting in its current state," says Simó.  

Despite the fact that the director of the EIF acknowledges that "these are not the best dates for students", it is expected that "the majority of the faculty and students of the last years will attend, mainly". "Architecture studies, both undergraduate and master's, already have a rate of approximately 60% of female students, a reality that has not yet translated into built works signed by women in that proportion," Simó points out. "The change that has taken place, starting with the university, of strong growth in the presence of women in architecture at the highest level, is a richness that still has much to explore and that is more than relevant to reflect on," she concludes. . 


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