URJC Award for the best Final Degree Project related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Posted by eif_urjc

Paula Canora Rhodes, Biomedical Engineering

Paula did the Final Degree Project titled Design and Construction of a Portable Low Cost Electromyograph


Can you summarize your Final Degree Project for us?

My Final Degree project consisted of designing a prototype of an electromyograph. This device that measures the electrical activity of muscles is expensive and heavy, so the goal was to reduce the price and weight so that more students could use it in class, or to take it to developing countries. The final result is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), and all the electronics of the device inside a box made with 3D printing. The box has 4 connectors, 3 for the surface electrodes that collect the signal, and the last one is for the amplified signal, which is connected to a screen to be able to see it.