FCEE students visit PANGEA The Travel Store

Published by Álvaro Hernández Tamurejo

Students of the Degree in Tourism explore innovation in travel agencies during their visit to PANGEA The Travel Store.

On April 11, the Coordinators of the Degree in Tourism, José Ramón Sarmiento Guede and Alberto Azuara Grande, accompanied by the teacher Maria Jesus Bonilla Priego, went together with 3rd year students to visit the headquarters and store of PANGEA The Travel Store in Madrid. This travel agency, with a successful 10-year history, is recognized for its specialization in large itineraries and tailored trips, offering future tourism professionals a unique perspective on trends and innovation in the industry.

The event included the participation of CEO of PANGEA, David Hernández Pumarega, whose presentation captivated those present with its vision of the tourism sector. Additionally, he shared valuable insights with students about boosting the face-to-face travel booking experience in an increasingly digitalized world. Her commitment to excellence in service and personalization of travel experiences made a great impact among students, giving them a privileged view of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.


During the visit, students had the opportunity to interact directly with company professionals, as well as discover the dynamic environment of a travel agency that is constantly growing in the market. From discussions on marketing strategies to exploring emerging technologies in travel planning. The experience at PANGEA The Travel Store offered insight into key aspects of contemporary tourism management.

For the coordinators of the Tourism program, this visit represented an enriching experience for the academic training of the students, in a tangible and practical way. With these visits, the degree coordination, together with the Faculty of Business Economics, seeks to promote the professional development of its students, their connection with the productive sector and the understanding of one of the key industries in Spain, the tourism.

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