The Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) exhibits the work of the students of the Degree and Master of Architecture

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From April 3 to May 6, a selection of models made by students of the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture and the Master in Architecture at the Rey Juan Carlos University are displayed in the COAM windows.

The Official College of Architects of Madrid, in its “Architecture Showcases” cycle and as part of the collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos University, has been exhibiting since April 3, in the windows of its headquarters on Hortaleza Street, in the heart of center of Madrid, the work of the students of the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture and the Master's Degree in Architecture of the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering. The official presentation of the showcases will take place on Tuesday, April 9 at 20:00 p.m.


In this way, the spirit of collaboration between the professional institution and the qualifying degree and master's degree is maintained, understanding that the students who are currently being trained at the universities of the community, and at the URJC in particular, are the future of the College and that, In turn, the defense of the discipline and the profession that the latter champions starts from the training processes of its future members and the joint work of both institutions.

It is the work of these future professionals that make up this exhibition in which you can see an extensive sample of models, drawings, experimental works and project developments, carried out by our students in the subjects Introduction to Projects, Projects 1 and 2 and Urban Planning Project. Some Master's final projects are also included that are an example of the joint work between this and the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture, from the first approaches to the architectural fact to the enabling culmination of the training stage of our students.






















Visiting the exhibition is also a good opportunity to bring society closer to the work of our students, within the conviction that social sustainability processes begin with the training of responsible professionals at the university. In the case of a regulated discipline, architecture, which defines itself as a service to society, this fact is even more important and defining.


From the School of Engineering of Fuenlabrada, where degree and master's studies in Architecture are offered, we thank the COAM Governing Board, in the figure of its dean Sigfrido Herráiz, the vice-dean Pablo Olalquiaga and the university member, Fernando Landecho , the generous opportunity they offer to our students. Likewise, we thank the COAM Culture staff and especially Fernando Paredes Lado, for the facilities for setting up the exhibition. Also to all the teaching staff and management of the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture and the Master's Degree in Architecture and, lastly, but actually before anyone else, to our students for their participation, help and effort.




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