The Degree in Digital Communication that will be taught at the Faculty of Communication Sciences



The degree begins its journey with the clear objective of offering future professionals training that meets the demands of the workplace, meeting the needs that the digital environment requires at this time. The different sectors of the communication industries promote professional profiles and functions that make specific dynamics essential in training programs, which make it possible to address the vertiginous change that communication has experienced in recent years.



The 2023/24 academic year will start at the Rey Juan Carlos University with an important novelty, andl Degree in Digital Communication. This degree has been designed so that graduates are able to address specific aspects and problems of the digital environment, such as those related to virtual reality, privacy and security in digital communication, neuromarketing, cybersecurity or the already almost ubiquitous artificial intelligence. Likewise, it is intended to cover different new profiles, which are already essential in the media, such as content creator, community manager, SEO/SEM/ASO specialist, or big data analyst (big data).

The increase in media and formats, new digital platforms, connected television and, without a doubt, social networks, constitute a source of new job profiles, which must be dealt with adequately, providing them with sufficient skills to carry out their work in agencies, media, advertising networks, production companies, …

The Faculty of Communication Sciences, aware of the needs that emanate from the digital context, begins this new path from the public university, trusting that in the coming years it will become a benchmark for future professionals.

All the information related to the Degree in Digital Communication is available at the Rey Juan Carlos University website, and in her own Faculty of communication sciences.


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