The Peironcely 10 Project, which recovers the testimony of the Civil War in Madrid, attracts international interest


Cadena Ser echoes the visits of several international institutions to visit the performances in the area. 

El Peironcely 10 Project, which we have been reporting on for the past few months, is attracting more and more interest nationally and internationally. At the moment, institutions such as the Gustave Eiffel University, Créteil University of Paris and University of Valladolid They have already made visits to learn more about the mission and the actions in the area.

National media such as Cadena Ser have been made echo for the new international dimension that the project is acquiring more and more. You can read it  here.

The Peironcely house 10 is the only corner in Madrid that preserves remains of the aerial bombings of the Civil War which has not undergone substantial modifications. The project, for its part, seeks to disseminate archaeological finds in the area. We remind you of the complete news.

In addition, students and teachers of Fine Arts our Faculty recently carried out a mural in the area where the photographer Robert Capa captured one of his snapshots, precisely in Peironcely 10, during the Civil War, as already we reported previously.

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