Professor Antonio Vigo creates “Limitless Dreams”, a sculptural work in the capital of Saudi Arabia


Together with him, around thirty artists have created their works simultaneously to turn the streets of Riyadh into an art gallery.

El Professor Antonio Vigo (Sculpture Area), has created , in the city ​​of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) his sculptural work Limitless Dreams, for the 5º edition Tuwaiq Sculpture 2024 Tuwaiq Sculpture 2024, whose theme is Dimension of movement. The event has been developed under the address de Sarah Alruwayti, Marek WolynskiAlso artist and curator main event of the symposium of the previous edition and the Dr. Fahad Aljebreen as deputy curator.

In this annual symposium that has brought together projects by international artists and that is part of the public art program Riyahd Art, supported by the Royal Commission for the city of Riyadh, inside of the government plan Saudi Vision 2030 for economic and social development. One of the main objectives of the project is convert Riyadh in a kind of Outdoor museum thanks to the contribution of the works and the Works, once the exhibition is over, will be located in different places in the city. About them, the symposium director, Sarah Alruwayti, states that “each piece represents a testament to the artist's journey to embody the essence of progress and the pace of our advancing society.”

IMG 20240207 WA0029Regarding his work Limitless Dreams, el Professor Vigo explains his creative process to us: “Since I generally prioritize working with the Site Specific concept, I have proposed myself for this project develop a sculpture that, mainly, make sense in the place where it was created, although, paradoxically, is composed of elements that are universal symbols. Therefore, the meaning of the work points to a perfect revelation in line with the continuous cycles of nature, connected with the celestial paths of the sun and moon, that link us with the idea of ​​eternal time and motion. There is no day without night and so on forever. For this reason, the sculptural work that I have done in Granite for this symposium symbolizes the infinite and the perpetual motion, inspired by the concept of eternal circle, which, in turn, represents a society, which, for its traditions and customs, balances a rich culture with dynamic progress".

For this edition, the program received more than 600 applications from 84 countries around the world. Among the members of the jury it was Sebastiano Barassi, from the Henry Moore Foundation. This jury has awarded the projects of a group of 30 international and local sculptors, of which Professor Vigo has been a part. The program, among whose main objectives is found to be open to the public, so that the process of creating the sculptural works can be seen live, was also composed of daily visits to local schools, talks and discussion spaces with public art specialists such as Laila Binken, Director of National Flag of the United Arab Emirates; Robert Frith, creative director of Ithara and Auronda Scalera, curator of Digital Art Dubai. The open format of the symposium allows public observe the creative process, participate in interactive workshops, and discuss the history and future of public art.

tuwaiq sculpture riyadh designboom 3 1El Professor Vigo rate this experience as a very enriching tripboth to creative and cultural level, where local and international artists have gatheredhave collaborated and they have created public works of art big scale in a living environment. He adds that he has not only shared with the thirty selected sculptors a space for sculptural creation, with mutual support and exchange professional and artistic, but has also been able to see how in a society that is immersed in a process of growth and development, art and culture take a primary place as element vertebrator in its vision of development and evolution.

From the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, we convey our congratulations to Professor Antonio Vigo.


Photographs by prof. Vigo (1) and Tuwaiq Sculpture (2)

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