Aranjuez and UNESCO: visit of the University of Girona to learn about our World Heritage


Teachers of the Master's Degree in International Tourism Management welcome teachers and students of the Master's Degree in Cultural Tourism of Girona in Aranjuez.

Professors Silvia Grau, Silvia Aulet, Nuria Morère and Helena Domínguez, along with the students of both master's degrees. Professors Silvia Grau, Silvia Aulet, Nuria Morère and Helena Domínguez, along with the students of both master's degrees.

On April 4 we receive in Aranjuez la visit of several professors and students of the Master in Cultural Tourism of the University of Girona. The teachers Silvia Aulet and Silvia Grau, teachers in this master's degree, were received by teachers Nuria E. Morère (Ancient History area), Director of the Master's Degree in International Management in International Tourism/International Tourism Management from the URJC y Helena Domínguez (Ancient History area), professor in the aforementioned Master's Degree.

IMG 20240405 WA0008Together with a group of 15 students of both master's degrees, The members of both institutions shared a guided tour of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and its gardens, which are part of the declaration of “Cultural landscape of Aranjuez”, enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2001. The Rey Juan Carlos University and the University of Girona are members of the UNITWIN UNESCO Network "Tourism, Culture and Development", founded in 2006 and which The objective is to carry out common teaching and research activities around this topic.. The international projectionl of this network is reflected in the fact that both master's degrees receive each year students not only from Spain but from a multitude of countries internationally (China, Argentina or Iran, to name a few), to train as cultural heritage experts and, specifically, UNESCO, as well as carrying out exchanges with some of the European universities that are integrated into the network.

Committed to the development of studies in Cultural Heritage, the two universities are two only at the national level that teach, within their respective master's degrees of Tourism, a specific module on "World Heritage", with subjects like “Historical routes and cultural itineraries in tourism” o “Case studies on World Heritage sites and cities” (in the case of the URJC Master's Degree, both in Spanish and English). He target is the specialize students in the knowledge, management and promotion of this type of heritage. In this way, the visit to Aranjuez from our colleagues from Girona is part of this specific asset formation and example of institutional and scientific collaboration between teachers from both universities.

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