Stress, coping and mental health: a questionnaire is created for URJC students

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The project “Stress, coping and mental health in a sample of Spanish university students: Quantitative and qualitative study” has been funded by the URJC Student Observatory

The project, coordinated by psychology professor Carlos Vara García, aims to analyze the state of mental health and habits of URJC students, in order to highlight the importance of taking care of our health and implement actions that serve to prevent and intervene with those students who need it with appropriate policies and actions.  

Since the objective of the topic is ambitious, the project team wants to represent the entire student community (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students). 

How can you participate? It's EASY: You simply have to click on the following link and complete the questionnaire completely anonymous, which will not take you more than half an hour. Here we give you all the information:

What do you receive in exchange? The most important thing: to help raise awareness about the real, first-hand problems of URJC students. 


  1. The possibility of participating in:
    • Discussion groups with other students about the problems and stress of university life
    • A free talk led by clinical psychologists with tips, advice to take care of your mental health, etc.  
  1. The possibility of obtaining RAC credits (by participating in the above activities).

Don't hesitate and join the change! PARTICIPATES! 

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