A project funded by the URJC Student Observatory investigates university dropout

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The project entitled “causes and consequences of abandoning university studies at the URJC” has obtained its first results

In an effort to address one of the most pressing problems in the university environment, the team coordinated by professor Clara Simon De Blas, is carrying out a project financed by the URJC Student Observatory. This project aims analyze the university dropout rate that affects first-year students, according to data revealed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain (MECD, 2022), where the general rate reaches 33,2%.

The project is proposed determine the factors that influence the university dropout rate. To this end, a retrospective analysis is being carried out using data collected over several years and from various degrees at the URJC.

Multidimensional approach:

The high dropout rate suggests that, The problem goes beyond academic difficulties, so this project takes a multidimensional approach. Professor Clara Siimón's team is exploring the study techniques and learning strategies acquired during the pre-university phases, to recognize their impact on academic performance and in the decision to persist or abandon university studies.

Significant Correlations:

The preliminary study has already revealed significant correlations, such as a negative relationship between admission cut-off score and dropout rate, as well as between graduation rate and dropout score. This indicates that courses with lower admission cut-off marks are more susceptible to student dropout.

An infographic has been presented that summarizes the preliminary results of the study. This visual tool highlights the connections between the factors analyzed and the dropout rate, offering a clear and accessible view of the preliminary findings. 

See infographic here

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