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Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 09:22

Interview with the researchers of the VIVIDA project: Architecture and Feminist Urbanism in Fuenlabrada Featured

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Several EIF researchers are developing a project to provide a gender perspective to the design of Fuenlabrada neighborhoods such as La Avanzada, El Naranjo or El Molino.

The researchers Irene Ros and Raquel Martínez have been interviewed by Cadena SER in relation to the VIVIDA project.

The VIVIDA project "From housing to the city: analysis and feminist proposal" is made up of a team of teachers and researchers from the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture at the URJC and from three other universities: Polytechnic University of Madrid, Degli Studi University of Florence and University of the Republic of Uruguay. Several students carry out their Final Degree Project in the context of the project.


The project is financed by the Women's Institute of the Ministry of Equality through the "Call Subsidy for carrying out feminisata research for the year 2023" and has the commitment to collaboration of the Fuenlabrada City Council, the city in which it is carried out. the project.

The researchers tell us: "We have chosen Fuenlabrada because of its proximity to the university, because it is a representative city in terms of number of inhabitants and services available, and because the City Council has transmitted to us its sensitivity towards the gender perspective and its intention to improve the city and eliminate gender biases derived from the way it grew and the customs with which cities were designed (and to a large extent continue to be designed). In fact, at first glance, the configuration of both. "The housing in the neighborhoods of Fuenlabrada is not too different from the rest of the cities that were built between 1970 and 1985, as a result of the growth of the municipalities bordering the large cities due to emigration from rural to urban areas."


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