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government and organization

Dean: Mr. Miguel Angel Esparza Torres Academic training    Agenda     
Academic secretary: Ms. Araceli Rodriguez Mateos 
Vice Dean of Quality and Faculty: Mr. Antonio Sánchez-Escalonilla García-Rico 
Vice Dean of Academic Planning and Students Mr. Felix Labrador Arroyo 
Vice Dean for Research and Library: Ms. Elena Battaner Moro  
Vice Dean of Campus, Infrastructures and Laboratories: Mrs. Raquel Sardá Sánchez  
Academic Coordinator of Studies: Mr. Sergio Román Aliste
Academic coordinator of pre-university orientation and information: Mrs. Helena Domínguez del Triunfo  
Academic coordinator of external practices and TFG: Mr. Juan Manuel Bermudez Lorenzo  
Student academic coordinator: Mr. Victor Acevedo Lopez 
Administrative secretary: Mª Antonia Triviño Márquez:

Location: Aranjuez Campus

Teaching at the Campuses of Aranjuez, FuenlabradaMóstolesMadrid