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URJC Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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The Senate of the Rey Juan Carlos University, aware of the need to have a strategic plan that allows us to trace a path from what we are to what we want to be, agreed, in its session on June 6, 2019, the creation of the “Commission for the preparation of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan of the Rey Juan Carlos University”. This drafting committee, made up of representatives from the different sectors of the Senate, has collaborated with the Vice-rector's Office for Planning and Strategy in drafting it, which we are currently presenting to the entire University Community.

Presentation of the Strategic Plan

The final character of all strategic plans is formalized in the definition of the strategic objectives, which must be consistent with the institutional mission and vision. The URJC Strategic Plan 2020-2025 defines 10 strategic objectives grouped around four axes. The strategic axes order and categorize the areas in which the main activities of the university are concentrated.

First, we have defined the so-called Strategic Axis of Teaching, which incorporates two strategic objectives, one related to improving the quality of our undergraduate teaching and the other related to postgraduate teaching. Second, it presents the Strategic Axis of Research and Knowledge Transfer, which in turn has two other strategic objectives, the one that seeks to improve the scientific productivity of the URJC and the one that is aimed at expanding the transfer of knowledge and technology to all social agents. The third Strategic Axis is of People and Resources. This axis has three objectives, the first that aims to increase and diversify the financing of the URJC so that it can compete on equal terms with the best public universities in Spain, the second of which seeks to advance in the stabilization and better organization of our administration and services staff and teaching and research staff and, finally, the objective that aims to optimize the efficient use and rational growth of our infrastructures (both buildings and equipment) to help multidisciplinary teaching and research that we develop in each of our campuses.

Finally, there is the Axis of Institutional Development, Management and Good Governance which also poses three objectives. The first of them to improve institutional communication, with the idea of ​​transmitting the strengths of the URJC to external agents and improving the pride of belonging to the institution. The second objective is actively committed to a more structured and transparent management, simplifying processes to the maximum through the promotion of digitization and the last of the objectives, which wants to achieve a university accessible to all, critical and plural, that is committed to equality of gender, healthy and respectful with the environment, always committed to development and social transformation.

The drafting of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan of the Rey Juan Carlos University contemplated a participatory process in which, based on a working draft, the entire University Community was able to send their contributions and actively contribute, in this way, to the final document. .


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