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Alumni URJC is a space to promote and maintain links with you and between you. With those who want to participate in its activities and contribute to the development and social projection of your University, find new professional opportunities and help other students. In the URJC Alumni Office you will find information about the activities we carry out, news, or outstanding information about former students.

From the URJC Alumni Office we help maintain and strengthen that bond. We want to accompany you in your process of insertion and professional development. Put at your disposal a space where good ideas of entrepreneurship and professional cooperation can arise, where you have access to the services of the university community, share activities and inform you of what is happening in your university. 

Request your virtual alumni card, which will also help you identify yourself and enjoy the advantages of belonging to this university community.

Job placement and employment exchange 

The Job Placement Program is managed by the Internship and Employment Unit, and is aimed at graduates of the URJC who have obtained the title in the last three years. Through the Employment Exchange we help you find a company that suits your profile and according to your professional objective. More information

Alumni Mentions

From the URJC Alumni area we encourage as many graduates as possible from our university to send us their profile and professional experience. In this way, they can share their experiences and their time on our campus with the entire university community and be present on a platform that recognizes their effort and career. For the URJC it is an honor to welcome you on its website.

Belen Puebla Martinez

Belen Puebla Martinez

  • Professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University, 2024
  • Doctor in Communication Sciences from the URJC, 2013
  • Master in Communication and sociocultural problems, URJC, 2008-2009
  • Graduate in Audiovisual Communication, URJC, 2005-2007
  • Graduate in Journalism, URJC, 2000-2005

With an extensive career as a researcher, Belén Puebla has more than 140 publications in scientific journals and... + info

Sergio Ortiz Martin

Sergio Ortiz Martin

Graduate in Law and Diploma in Public Administration Management, Vicálvaro Campus, (2007 – 2012)

His professional experience falls within the field of diplomacy, institutional relations and protocol. In this sense, he has ten years of experience in coordinating institutional events at the... + info

Ester Somolinos Perez

Ester Somolinos Perez

Graduated in Protocol and Organization of Events.

Master in Project Management, course 2017/2019, URJC

Over the course of 6 years, he has carried out communication and public relations functions in the HORECA sector (Palladium Hotel Group) and organization of events in the agency sector (Presstour) for large clients such as the L'Oreal Group, Altadis or... + info

Cori Inti Galindo Paez

Cori Inti Galindo Paez

LADE-Tourism Joint Plan, Fuenlabrada 2011-2012.

Master in Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics – MSMK – Madrid School of Marketing

Cori Inti holds the position of Vice President Commercial Development & Growth at NH Hotel Group thanks to her consolidated professional career in the tourism industry, with positions of high responsibility in... + info

Eva Garcia Martin

Eva Garcia Martin

Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering 2014

Senior Data Scientist at Ekkono Solutions, Gothenburg, Vastra Gotaland Province, Sweden.

Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering, MSc in Computer Science, PhD in Computer Science. Reason for the mention: Professional career in the area of ​​Machine Learning and energy efficiency.

During the last course... + info



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