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Eva Garcia Martin

Eva Garcia Martin Eva Garcia Martin

Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering 2014

Senior Data Scientist at Ekkono Solutions, Gothenburg, Vastra Gotaland Province, Sweden.

Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering, MSc in Computer Science, PhD in Computer Science. Reason for the mention: Professional career in the area of ​​Machine Learning and energy efficiency.

During the last year of my degree, I did a one-year Master's degree in Computer Science during Erasmus in Sweden. It was there that I met my master's thesis supervisor and became interested in everything related to Machine Learning. After finishing my master's and bachelor's degree, I knew that I wanted to specialize more in Machine Learning, and that's why I ended up doing my PhD at the same university (Blekinge Institute of Technology). During the beginning of the doctorate I realized a pattern, all these Machine Learning models are energy inefficient, they have many operations to achieve precision improvements in many cases negligible. And it is what led me to be interested in the energy consumption of these models, and how to improve in that area. In my current job I am dedicated to researching, designing, and developing ML models that can run on microcontrollers with limited memory and computation. After bachelor's and master's I did a PhD in Machine Learning investigating how to develop more energy efficient Machine Learning models. Today I work as a senior data scientist researching, designing, and developing ML models that can run on microcontrollers.


My time at URJC has given me a lot of things. “Since learning to program, which for some reason seems to be something for “nerds”, but I haven't seen anything more useful in all these years. It should be encouraged more. The whole subject of computer architecture. Fantastic teachers who have believed in us when we had no idea about anything. Colleagues also great”