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The Rey Juan Carlos University, in its mission to offer the highest quality standards in the teaching it provides, not only trains its teachers in innovative teaching methodologies through its PDI Training Plan and Competency Framework but also decisively promotes innovative active methodologies among teachers to improve the teaching and learning process. And for these reasons it promotes the following actions in Teaching Innovation:

Teaching Innovation Groups (GID) 2023 of the URJC

The GID coordinator must use the 2023 Annual Report presentation template to complete the activities of their teaching innovation group. Next, fill out the activities form, incorporating your group's annual report in pdf format, before October 30, 2023.

URJC Teaching Innovation Portal

Space and meeting point to disseminate and share knowledge about active methodologies among URJC teachers.

URJC Teaching Innovation Portal

URJC Teaching Innovation Bulletins

The Office of the Vice-Rector for Teacher Training and Teaching Innovation publishes a monthly newsletter that it distributes by email among the PDI, with news and information to keep up to date on teaching innovation in the university environment.

Access to all published issues of the URJC Teaching Innovation Bulletin

URJC Teaching Innovation and Teacher Training Blog

The Blog aims to serve as inspiration for teaching staff at both the URJC and other universities and other collaborators to reflect on different aspects of teaching innovation and training of university teaching staff. To achieve this objective, the topics to be discussed will be about active methodologies in university classrooms and the training and development of teachers, as well as to transfer innovation experiences that are being developed and that may be of interest for the transfer and continuous learning of the university teaching community.

Access to the URJC Teaching Innovation and Teacher Training Blog

URJC NETWORK of innovative teachers


The URJC Network of Innovative Teachers is made up of teachers, individually, who use active teaching methodologies in their classes and those who wish to implement them, in a clear desire for teacher training.

Teaching Innovation Calendar

Through the following link You can access the Teaching Innovation Calendar online, where you will find the dates of the most important international Congresses, Conferences and Seminars on teaching innovation.

In the following presentation, it is explained how install this calendar in your email application (Outlook, Thundervird, iOs, Google Calendar) in the URJC Webmail or directly from your browser (open preferably with Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browsers).

Innovative Teacher Mentoring Program

This Innovative Teacher Mentoring Program of the Rey Juan Carlos University has the purpose of selecting reference mentors in teaching innovation at the university. The selected mentor teachers carry out their functions throughout 2 academic years, supporting other teachers who wish to apply innovative teaching methodologies.

First call for Innovative Teacher Mentors of the URJC