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The Rey Juan Carlos University, since its creation in 1996, has oriented its teaching and research towards seeking interdisciplinary solutions to current problems, and is among the best universities in Madrid for its excellent academic offer and its international scientific quality. It is committed to responsibly guaranteeing quality in all its official qualifications, thus allowing the training of competent people with the values ​​of today's society (entrepreneurship, effort, commitment to sustainable development...).

The Quality policy is based on the following general objectives:

  • Promote a quality culture among the members of the university community by publicizing the Quality Policy and its general objectives, and carrying out promotion, dissemination and training actions that involve all groups.
  • Articulate the quality policy within the framework of the strategic plan of the University so that it is one of the guiding principles that structure it.
  • Detect and respond to the needs of the different interest groups through an innovative and student-centered training offer.
  • Pursue the achievement of the objectives set forth in the degree programs and develop said plans, verifying that the actions carried out within them are intended to favor student learning.
  • Promote the continuous training of all graduates, teachers and administration and services staff so that they can carry out their work, teaching, research and management activities in an ideal way.
  • Promote quality research and teaching in the Teaching and Research Staff of the University.
  • Develop a management policy for material resources, spaces and facilities that is efficient, effective and respectful of the environment.
  • Strengthen relations with public and private companies and promote external internships for students in them in order to improve their link with the professional world and their employability.
  • Promote mobility programs to improve the internationalization of training, teaching, research and management activities, in order to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and the continuous transformation of the University through interaction with the best practices of other institutions.
  • Promote the implementation and continuous improvement of quality criteria in management, applying the Internal Quality Assurance System, monitoring its application, the needs and expectations of the different interest groups, evaluating their level of satisfaction, and reviewing it periodically .

The highest body in charge of planning and quality control at the University is the Quality Committee of the Rey Juan Carlos University (CC). This committee is supported by the quality bodies established by each center, headed by the Center's Quality Coordinator who in turn chairs the Degree Quality Committee.

Composition of the Quality Committee

Operating Regulations of the Quality Committee