The 600th Conference on Professional Opportunities of the ETSIT receives the visit of 40 students and XNUMX companies Featured

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40 leading companies from the telecommunication, aerospace, biomedical and robotics engineering sectors attended the XNUMXth ETSIT Professional Opportunities Conference to bring the professional world closer to the students of the Rey Juan Carlos University.


On Wednesday, September 21, the sixth edition of the Conference on Professional Opportunities of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSIT) was held at the URJC campus in Fuenlabrada. The sessions have been a complete success, having added the participation of 40 companies in the sector and 600 students who attended the talks and workshops that were given.

The 10th Conference on Professional Opportunities at the ETSIT occupied the entire second floor of Lecture Hall III on the Fuenlabrada campus and lasted from 00:17 a.m. to 00:32 p.m. With the committed objective of bringing the world of work closer to the students of the school and showing them how it works and what their professional options may be in the future, the attendees were able to find multiple options there to learn more about the sector in which they will work. A total of 63 information booths from different companies were available to students to guide them and answer questions. In addition, XNUMX activities related to professional development and the world of work were held.
Important presence of the giants of the sector
Among the companies that participated in the conference, some of the first line were present, such as, for example, IBM, Banco Santander, Indra, Huawei, Philips or Telefónica. Likewise, on some occasions the speakers from the companies involved were former students of the Rey Juan Carlos University or, as in the case of Openvia, the former students were the owners of the same.
In this VI edition the day classes were replaced to facilitate attendance at the conference and all the proposed activities. “The balance has been really very positive. This year's edition has been a strong bet and the students have responded with a lot of interest and commitment”, assures Gregorio Robles, organizer of the event and deputy director of Research, International Relations and Relations with the Industry of the ETSIT. For Robles, it is very important that the University schedules these types of activities: "teaching them how the world of work works is part of the training we offer and we must help students to know what their professional development can be like," he explains. The URJC professor also believes that this “greatly motivates students because he sees first-hand the real applications of the work of professionals who have previously visited his site”.

The deputy director of the ETSIT also wanted to thank all those involved in the XNUMXth Conference on Professional Opportunities of the ETSIT: "to thank all those who have made this possible, from the companies and the students who have participated to the unit of University schedules, not forgetting Fuenlabrada Management, IT services, assistants and teachers.

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