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Zero online course

The Zero Online Courses They are short-term courses aimed at levelling, reinforcing and updating the knowledge of new students and which are essential to successfully start the degrees that students are going to take.

It is, therefore, an initial training that, based on the skills acquired by students in pre-university education, helps them to know and reach the starting level of basic training subjects.

We currently have four zero courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Written Expression and Comprehension.

If you are a new student and in your degree you have subjects related to these Science subjects, they are already available in your Virtual Classroom.

The new Written Expression and Comprehension course has been activated in a selection of degrees from various branches of knowledge.

In all of them, if you are interested in taking them, you can self-enroll in the course you want from the following links:

Mathematics Course Zero

Physics Course Zero

Chemistry Course Zero

Zero Course of Expression and Written Comprehension

The Zero Course of Physics, is made up of 18 themes or "pills", the Chemistry of 20, the one of Maths of 22 and that of Expression and Written Comprehension of 20 pills. It is possible that from the degree you are studying, a certain itinerary is proposed to you, which are nothing more than recommendations for you to take certain pills. Each time you pass each of the pills, you will obtain a badge and an Academic Recognition of Credits for it, so that each pill passed represents 0,1 ECTS credits of the RAC subject. Recognition is automatic within each of the deadlines established for it.

In order to provide the zero online courses with a consistency to articulate it in a better way, the “Regulation for the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of the offer of Zero Courses of the Rey Juan Carlos University”, at the ordinary meeting of the Governing Council on September 25, 2020