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Students admitted to degree studies academic year 2023-24

CHECK LIST OF ADMITTED 2023-24 (extraordinary phase September 4, 2023)

Students admitted to the URJC must follow the self-registration instructions and do it by Internet.

Self-registration for new students in Bachelor's degrees in the extraordinary phase will be from September 4, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. until September 7, 2023 (both included).

Claim against non-admission:

Claim period: September 4 and 5, 2023 through the  Electronic Office.

Complaints against non-admission to university studies will be presented at the University to which the study whose admission is claimed belongs.

The student You only need to file a claim In the following cases:

  • Material recording errors by the University.

  • Contribution of new documentation (upload of grades).

  • Access quota changes.


Claims will not be accepted for:

  • Degrees that are not taught at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

  • Late or unconfirmed pre-registrations.

  • Change of the order of priority established in the pre-registration.

  • Application for admission to degrees that were not initially included in the pre-registration application.

Response to the claim against non-admission

The student will receive an email in which the resolution of their claim will be communicated.

In the degrees in which you are not admitted due to a grade lower than that of the last one admitted in your access quota, and provided that these degrees have been previously requested in your pre-registration, you must enroll in them through the waiting list platform

You can check the application procedure for admission to undergraduate studies by waiting lists In the next link

Nomenclatures used in consulting the list of admitted

  • Waiting List: Waiting List will only be generated in those URJC degrees in which there is a drop in enrollment.

  • Excluded (possible causes):

    • Not having paid the fees for taking the aptitude test/language test

    • Failure to pass aptitude test/language test

    • Not having prior admission from the Affiliated Center

    • Not meeting the requirements for the Degree in Primary Education

  • Unadmitted

  • Admitted

We inform you that the Rey Juan Carlos University has enabled a platform where you can check which position you are on the Waiting List. We provide you with the link where you can make the query

However, you must bear in mind that the position may vary, since the University is simultaneously resolving the claims against non-admission, which means that applications can be recorded and/or modified above yours, and this in turn modifies your position on the waiting list.

*You do not need to request to be included on the waiting list*, it is automatic, and *your position on it may vary*, as we resolve claims or appeals.