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Friday, November 11, 2022 at 14:22

The student Diego Luelmo, new President of the Student Council

The student Diego Luelmo, new President of the Student Council The student Diego Luelmo, new President of the Student Council

After the election period, the Law student has been elected President of the Council and, therefore, General Delegate of the URJC.  

Nora Fernandez Fernandez  

On October 25, the Student Council meeting took place in which the new President of the Council was elected. Student Diego Luelmo Alonso, a fourth year Law student, was chosen to represent the URJC student body.  

His motivation for being President of the Council is the importance “of student participation within the University Community. In my case, I have always felt that vocation to be a delegate”, comments Luelmo.  

His record as a student representative comes a long way, having been a group delegate on four occasions, of Law Degrees on two, as well as a Delegate of the former Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences and of its Faculty Board. Luelmo has also been part of the University Senate and various Departments, but now it is his turn to develop his role in the Student Council. 

For all this experience, Luelmo has been chosen among other candidates, although he has also had to see the program he has proposed. “The main point is that our Student Council is at the forefront of representation. Not only within our University, but also in the Community of Madrid and at State level”, says Luelmo. 

His intention is to ensure that the Council is “a useful body that is close to the students, to be able to help them in everything they require of us; a united and solid Council to carry out all these tasks in which we can participate”, explains Luelmo. 

The Student Council is one of the most important organs in the representation of the University and its function is vital. Although many of the students are unaware of the importance of this body, “when you talk to students to take an interest in their needs or problems and they see that they can be solved, they become more involved in this type of function. This is how I would like to motivate students, showing them that many of their problems or needs related to university life have a solution”, says Luelmo.  

His intentions for the presidency are to fulfill the exposed program and attend to the proposals that both the Student Councilors and any other student of the University have. “From here I want to invite all students to actively participate in student life and to count on the Council to help them promote the initiatives they have”, says Luelmo.  

Finally, Diego Luelmo wanted to “convey my gratitude to all the people who have trusted me in all the positions I have held. In addition to the people who have accompanied me and work or have worked with me every day, because without them I could not have achieved anything”.