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The American Society of Genetics awards Carla Bautista

The American Society of Genetics awards Carla Bautista The American Society of Genetics awards Carla Bautista

The former student of the Rey Juan Carlos University, Carla Bautista, has received the 'DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics' for his career in scientific research 

Núria Ripoll 

“I have always been interested in nature and biodiversity, when I was little I watched Carl Sagan's COSMOS series with my father, that made me discover my great interest in science. For this reason, in 2012, I began my career in Biology at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid”, says former student Carla Bautista. Bautista graduated in 2016 with an extraordinary award and with a total of twenty-seven honors.

Since she was little, it was clear to her that her greatest passion was astronomy, and in her last year of college she opted to study astrobiology, since she combined her two great passions. Thanks to this, she was able to carry out an internship at the Astrobiology Center in Madrid, associated with NASA, which further enhanced her interest in research. In 2017, she completed a Master's in Biotechnology at the Autonomous University of Madrid and went to Canada thanks to a scholarship from La Caixa to study genetic evolution at the molecular level in Christian Landry's laboratory. 

Since then, Carla Bautista has not stopped reaping numerous successes: she has been linked for five years to the 'Early Career Leadership Program' of the 'Genetics Society of America' directing various projects, participated in 'The Allied Genetics Conference ( TAGC 2020)' and published several scientific articles on dissemination platforms, highlighting, for example, those related to the progress of the women in science and about fighting misinformation.

His latest recognition has been the 'DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics', awarded by the American Society of Genetics, one of the most competitive genetics awards in the sector worldwide and which will allow Bautista to attend any course or conference to improve his professional development in genetics. In this sense, Carla Bautista points out the importance of highlighting her great passion for communicating her scientific results, and that is that, as she says, "a scientist does not exist if he does not talk about what he does," she points out. 

“My adventure here is being absolutely enriching. The research environment in Canada is very interdisciplinary, and there is also great funding, which enhances our creativity. Doing my doctorate at the Canadian University Laval, an institution so closely connected to science, has allowed me to develop many skills linked to other less traditional aspects of research, such as dissemination, for example”, points out the winner. Apart from her, Bautista highlights being very happy with her new achievement, and she is thankful for enjoying an experience that is giving her so much success.