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In accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree-Law 2 / 2023, of March 16, resulting in the Additional Provision 52 of the consolidated text of the General Social Security Law, from January 1, 2024 students of any degree who carry out external internships, paid or unpaid, they must be registered with Social Security.

Social Security makes available to students a information page with questions of interest and answers to the most common questions about this standard.

The URJC will assume the management and cost of this measure in all internships without financial support (unpaid).

What practices will begin to contribute to Social Security in 2024?

All practices carried out by university students, both those associated with Bachelor's and Master's study plans, as well as those belonging to the University's own teachings.

From January 2024, and as long as you do not have your NUSS, the University will not be able to authorize you to carry out unpaid internships.

Students Mobility Programs

Training practices in foreign entities, which are carried out outside Spain, by students enrolled at the URJC, will not be quoted to Social Security; except those that are regulated by the Erasmus+ Internship program and have financial support from the entity.

URJC students who carry out internships within the framework of the mobility program SICK They also have to apply for NUSS and be registered with Social Security, in this case by the destination study center or by the internship center, as established by the agreement between said parties.

In general, host students at the URJC who carry out training practices in Spain must obtain the NUSS and be registered with Social Security.

Students who have the status of diplomatic staff of a foreign Embassy or Consulate in Spain are exempt from this requirement.

What must be done to be registered with Social Security?

In order to be registered with Social Security, It is an essential condition to previously have a Social Security Number (NUSS), also called Affiliation Number (NAF). If you do not yet have your own NUSS (beneficiary number is not valid of their parents), the student must request it as soon as possible and notify the University using the procedure indicated below.

As long as the NUSS is not available, the University will not be able to authorize the carrying out of the internships.

Foreign students

What documentation do foreign students need to apply for their NUSS and be registered with Social Security?

According to the information received from the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS), foreign students who do not have a NIE may apply for their NUSS and be registered with Social Security only with their passport. In any case, obtaining the NUSS will be the responsibility of each student and they must carry out the appropriate procedures to do so directly with the TGSS.

Situations compatible with registration in Social Security

The TGSS has indicated that the following situations are all Compatible with a Social Security registration linked to the completion of internships and do not pose a detriment to the student; O well, will exempt from discharge, upon request by the University and once the particular situation has been verified by the TGSS.

  • Working with SS registration
  • Officials with SS registration
  • Registration in self-employed
  • Contracts according to the Law of Science (predoctoral)
  • MUFACE, MUGEJU or other officials.
  • Beneficiaries of Mutual Members (MUFACE, MUGEJU...)
  • Collecting unemployment benefits
  • Receiving Minimum Living Wage or other benefits (orphanhood...)
  • Collecting retirement pension
  • Collecting pension or benefit for total permanent disability
  • Having absolute disability benefit
  • People on sick leave due to a work activity outside the academic field
  • Risk situations during pregnancy, birth or care of a minor

How do I know if I already have a Social Security number?

You can check if you already have your own Social Security number on the website of the General Treasury of Social Security, through the following link

How to obtain the Social Security Number?

Through the website of the General Treasury of Social Security:


TGSS website

It is important to note that the NUSS application requires electronic certificate or other means of identification before the Administration. Since in some cases obtaining the certificate may require procedures that take several days or even weeks, it is recommended to apply for the NUSS as early as possible.

The NUSS obtained by the student has no expiration once assigned.

How to inform the University of the Social Security Number?

You must indicate your NUSS in the tool enabled for this purpose, so that it can be consulted when an internship is going to be formalized:


Membership and quote deadlines for internships

In unpaid internships, whose management before Social Security corresponds to the URJC, the movements of membership, high and low, in a maximum of 10 calendar days from the beginning and the end of the internship, respectively.

La quotation of the practices, referring to the calculation of teaching days completed by each student, will be carried out with quarterly periodicity, in the months of April (for internships carried out between January and March), July (those that take place between April and June), October (between July and September) and January (between October and December).

In the case of paid internships, the management of the entity must be governed by the deadlines of the General Membership Regime.

Retroactive effects of the measure

In the case of internships completed before January 1, 2024, only internships with financial support involved registration with Social Security by the entities.

However, on June 1, 2024, the Order ISM/386/2024 which regulates the conditions, the term and the rules of the procedure for the subscription of the special agreement provided for in the General Law of Social Security, in compliance with point 8 of its aforementioned fifty-second additional provision.

Persons included in the scope of the Order may request the General Treasury of Social Security to subscribe to the special agreement regulated therein, for a single time, in order to enable the calculation of the contribution corresponding to the internship periods carried out that did not involve inclusion in the Social Security system, up to a maximum of 1 days (825 years).

For the signing of the agreement, it is established as a requirement that interested persons provide the TGSS with documentation accrediting the completion of training practices or academic practices. Information on how to obtain the aforementioned documentation will be provided as soon as possible in this same space. 

Protocol for action in the event of accidents during unpaid internships

The registration of trainee students in Social Security contemplates temporary disability resulting from work accidents.

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