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Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 06:30

Awarded to the brightest pre-university students in Chemistry

The URJC has awarded this recognition to the ten second-year Baccalaureate students who have obtained the best results in the XXI Chemistry, Society and Environment Contest. The winner of this edition has been Alejandro Aparicio García, a student at the Amanecer School Center, who has also won four other prizes.

Irene Vega

In this twenty-first edition of the Chemistry, Society and Environment Contest, 53 students from a total of 16 educational centers in the Community of Madrid have competed for excellence in a contest to which only the students with the best record in Chemistry could apply. , after taking the EvAU 2023.

The test consisted of a test with a total of 45 questions in which the students had to demonstrate their knowledge about issues specifically related to industrial, environmental and social aspects of Chemistry. For an hour and a half, the students had to put all their knowledge to the test, using only a calculator.

The awards ceremony took place on the Móstoles Campus and the students of the Amanecer School Center (CES) have obtained five of the ten awards. First place went to Alejandro Aparicio García, with a score of 43,75 out of 45. The podium was completed by Manuel Kwabenanro Dzimah Castro from the Ramón y Cajal School and Lorena Burgueño Herranz, also from CES, with 40,25 and 37,75 points, respectively. “Usually, the winners tend to achieve high scores, but this year we have seen particularly high scores, bordering on perfection in the case of the winner. This tells us that the level of excellence is maintained and we continue to attract very bright students, edition after edition, and there are already twenty-one”, points out Fernando Bautista, coordinator of the competition and professor of the area of ​​Chemical Engineering.

The other centers that have managed to be among the ten winners have been the IES Villa de Valdemoro, the Colegio Virgen de Atocha and the IES Calatalifa.

This contest is organized by the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group and has the collaboration of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+I) of the URJC and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation.