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Thursday, November 04, 2021 at 07:15

The best university infographics, in competition

The URJC collaborates with the UCM, the UNED and the UAM in the celebration of the Infographic Olympiad, a contest of works carried out by students from Madrid in visual and graphic support.

Alberto Rosa/Writing

Today's society has popularized the infographic format as one of the most frequent means of transmitting visual, printed or digital information. It is common to find complex instructions developed through infographics, to make it easier for the public to understand data sequences; At the same time, the main media outlets design infographics on the most important current events, achieving a great impact on the public.

In this context, the Infographic Olympiad 2021 was born, a contest in which university students who have learned to develop scientific infographics in the classroom can compete with each other with the exhibition of their infographic works. The competition, organized by the UCM, the URJC, the UNED and the UAM, will take place on November 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Geography and History of the UCM.

The 2021 Infographic Olympiad challenges students to explain and present their infographic in a free and original way during a brief two-minute speech, bearing in mind that the audience will combine specialized and general audiences. It is not a question of summarizing its contents, but of describing the most characteristic elements of infographics, their interest for all people and their originality from an academic point of view.

The jury will be chaired by the Vice-Rector for Quality of the UCM, Professor Miguel Ángel Sastre, also counting on the presence of the Vice-Rector for Students of the URJC, Almudena López, and the Deputy Vice-Rector of Personalized Learning Models of the UNED, Miguel Santamaria Lancho. To judge the best works in infographic support, the prestigious illustrator Ximena Maier, an infographic designer for print media and the professor of Art History at the UNED, Ángel Pazos López, a specialist in educational innovation, will be part of the jury. In addition, a representative of Microsoft Education Spain, a reference in educational technologies, will be part of the jury, along with the head of the OTRI Scientific Culture Unit.

Six prizes for two categories

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Pascual Group, the Editorial McGraw Hill and the financing of the Scientific Culture Unit of the OTRI of the UCM, through the Science Week of the Community of Madrid, the jury will be able to award six prizes to the three best infographics in each of the two categories: Arts and Humanities, and Social and Legal Sciences. The jury's decision and the awards ceremony will follow the evaluation of the exhibitions, at the end of the day tomorrow and will also be made public on the web.

Students who have made an infographic as academic work for any of their undergraduate or postgraduate subjects at any university in Madrid can still register for the contest, individually or in groups, in a digital form enabled for this purpose through the following link.