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Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 07:00

How to create a sustainable project

The UNION Campus university association, together with the companies Hoop and ECODICTA, are giving a sustainable entrepreneurship workshop in Fuenlabrada.

Daria Efimova

Following the theme marked by the I Week of Employability and Entrepreneurship, promoted by the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences (FCJS), the university association UNION Campus is organizing a sustainable entrepreneurship workshop. The event, which will be held in person in Fuenlabrada on February 24, at 15:45 p.m. Registrations can be formalized by the following link; and participation in this activity is recognized with a 0,15 RAC credit. 

The workshop is the result of collaboration between UNION Campus and the companies Hoop and ECODICTA, which emphasize a business model that prioritizes the reuse of existing resources over the creation of new products. In the case of Hoop, it focuses on promoting car sharing among students, taking advantage of the fact that they have the same destination and thus reducing the emissions that are formed when using several vehicles. ECODICTA, on the other hand, is dedicated to clothing rental, creating a system of regular clothing exchange, allowing its users to wear new clothes without having to buy them. 

During the activity, students will have the opportunity to learn in depth how these businesses work, addressing some issues such as the transition to the circular economy model and how to advertise it more effectively. On the other hand, the workshop has a practical part, in which the attendees will have to solve the challenges proposed by the companies through what they have previously learned. “We always have a lot of theory, but few opportunities to really put it to the test,” explains Jorge García Castanedo, president of UNION Campus and a student at URJC. “In our association, we want to give it a spin, so that students can put the knowledge they have acquired into practice.”

This type of business is not only sustainable from an environmental point of view, but also socially. They offer a change of perspective, putting the focus on consumers and the elimination of abusive practices over purely economic gains. “Large companies focus on investors, dividends, and lose sight of people. A startup A small company cannot face economic giants like Google, but it can focus on its consumers and dedicate more attention and care to them, and be competitive in this regard”, concludes Jorge García.