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Monday, February 28, 2022 at 07:15 p.m.

A day to address the challenges of the aviation sector

Tourism students from the Rey Juan Carlos University organize a seminar on the world of aviation on March 1 with the presence of Javier Gándara, president of the Association of Airlines and general manager of Easyjet in Spain.

Albert Rose

The recovery from the health crisis caused by COVID-19 or the commitments to the environment and sustainability are some of the challenges on which the aviation sector has focused. In this context, the Rey Juan Carlos University hosts on March 1 a seminar organized by Tourism students that will deal with the future of the sector.

Under the title 'Challenges for the aviation sector', the conference will address a wide variety of current issues related to the world of aviation. To this end, the Delegation of the URJC Degree in Tourism has invited Javier Gándara, president of the Association of Air Lines and general manager of Easyjet in Spain, as a speaker.

Iker Galve, delegate of the Degree in Tourism at the URJC, explains how the idea of ​​holding this event at the university was born: “When we held the XNUMXst Tourism Week in October, we sent out a survey to the attendees to see what things could be missing. We realized that we had to add more activities on the transport and aviation sector”.

During their time at Fitur, the students proposed the idea to the Airline Association and it was decided to hold their own event on it. Regarding the objectives of the meeting, Galve says that Javier Gándara's presentation will focus "on the future of aviation and its evolution in legislative and sustainability issues", he assures, in addition to new types of fuel or the stoppage of airlines due to the crisis of COVID-19.

The event is especially aimed at Tourism students since, as Iker Galve explains, "we are going to be the future professionals of the sector". The student also assures that the seminar could be interesting for aeronautical engineers, “since the world of tourism is linked to that of aviation and they are the ones who are going to design the planes of the future”, he concludes.

The event 'Challenges of the aviation sector' will be held on March 1 at 17:00 p.m. in the Hall of Degrees of the Departmental Building of the Vicálvaro Campus in Madrid. Free registrations are open at the following link