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Tuesday, March 01, 2022 at 11:56 p.m.

The Conference on Physical Education and Health is back

Tomorrow, March 2, the fourth edition of these meetings will take place at the Alcorcón Campus, in which the great variety of themes will stand out.

Alberto Gomez Rodriguez 

In recent years, issues related to health and physical activity are on the rise, and the fact is that the concern for improving the quality of life has grown among the population. For this, educators are essential when it comes to transmitting the habit of physical activity among the youngest. 

For this reason, the Physical and Sports Education Area is organizing the fourth edition of the "Physical Education and Health Conference". “The objective is to create an environment for the transmission of the most up-to-date knowledge on Physical Education, with different attractive and relevant topics”, comments Daniel Bores, Director of this event.  

Aimed above all at Physical Education teachers and physical activity and health professionals, the sessions will serve to disseminate knowledge about physical exercise in the school environment and its relationship with health. From the organization they affirm that this "means fulfilling one of the main objectives of the University, which is none other than the dissemination of knowledge and joint reflection on it." 

The "IV Conference on Physical Education and Health" will have an evening schedule and will be held tomorrow, March 2, at the Alcorcón Campus. As Bores points out, "the highlight of this meeting is the great variety of topics that range from pedagogical models to evaluation, through education in values ​​or the promotion of physical activity in the educational context". And it is that, the programming includes all kinds of teachers from the URJC Physical and Sports Education Area. 

The event, which will be fully face-to-face, still has registration open. Those interested in signing up can do so from this link or get more information at URJC Events.