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Tuesday, March 01, 2022 at 12:54 p.m.

The labor reform stars in a new 'Dialogue 25'

The labor reform stars in a new 'Dialogue 25' The labor reform stars in a new 'Dialogue 25'

The novelties introduced by the norm that regulates the labor market since the beginning of the years will be the starting point for a conversation between an expert in Labor Law and a representative of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE.

Raúl García Hémonnet/Editor

This Wednesday, March 2, at the Madrid campus, at 12:30, a new session of the 'Dialogues 25' cycle will take place. In this case, the protagonist will be the labor reform recently approved in the Congress of Deputies and how it affects students, future workers.

The interlocutors in this conversation will be, on behalf of the URJC, the professor of Labor Law and Social Security and Magistrate of the IV Chamber of the TS, Antonio V. Sempere. Sempere is an advisor and consultant to various public and private entities; member of the Legal Office of the URJC; Academic Advisor of Gómez-Acebo&Pombo; general director of the Foros Aranzadi Social (located in 23 cities) and guest speaker at numerous academic and professional venues.

In addition, he is director of the Spanish Journal of Labor Law (since 1996), member of the Thomson Reuters Publications Advisory Council and its Permanent Commission, president of the Training Council, regular author, contributor to several of the magazines, etc.

On behalf of the CEOE, Rosa Santos, director of the organization's labor relations department since February 2019, attends the dialogue. She has previously been a senator of the Aragonese Party, general director of Labor of the Government of Aragon and in the period 2006 to 2011 She was General Secretary of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Aragon. During that stage, she was a member of the Board of Directors of CEOE and representative of CEOE in the National Employment Council.

She has also been a professor of Labor Law at the University of Zaragoza and a social justice in Zaragoza.

Both will talk about how the labor reform affects the hiring modalities facing the exit to the labor market of many of the URJC graduates.

On the occasion of its 25th Anniversary, the Rey Juan Carlos University has scheduled a series of meetings with experts on different current issues under the label 'Dialogues 25'. This initiative aims to offer the university community new approaches and points of view on current issues that concern society.

The objective is to further open the doors of the institution to citizens, through dialogue and conversation with them. It is planned that at least one meeting per month will be organized.