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Friday March 04, 2022 at 07:30

The great international themes, protagonists in the URJC

A new edition of the 'International Relations Conference' brings to the university different experts on issues such as the situation in Ukraine or the role of the United Nations, among many others.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The assembly hall of the Rectorate building on the Móstoles campus is, during these days, a hive of people interested in global affairs. The Conference on International Relations 2022 They started two days ago and end today. They have provided an opportunity to address and analyze major global issues, such as the situation in Ukraine, the role of the United Nations Organization on the international scene or the economic strength of Asia, among other issues.

This year's speakers include diplomats, researchers, academics, analysts, soldiers, journalists, State Administration personnel and non-governmental organizations.

“The goal is to expand knowledge about a topic and a doctrine that is very distant for most people. We address 12 different topics so that people get a little closer and learn, so that they see that there is an accessible activity that complements the training offered by the university”, says Javier Núñez, a 4th-year student in the Double Degree in Political Science and International Relations. and president of the URJC International Relations Delegation, organizer of the conference.

Until now, the presentation that has provoked the most debate has been the one that has dealt with sexual violence in armed conflicts, which included the participation of the specialists Esther Barbé, professor of International Relations at the UAB and the first professor in Spain in this discipline. , and María Solanas, an expert from the Elcano Royal Institute.

Space for dialogue and interaction

4 presentations are being held a day and public participation is sought, "we have created a space for dialogue, debate and interaction with the participation of experts in multiple fields", said Javier Núñez, who thanked the University for the support provided to the realization of the conference. It is the second time that this event is celebrated, the first one took place in 2021.

For Javier Núñez, this edition is attracting “many more people and is being more interactive. We are also having a greater recognition in networks, which allows us to have more follow-up in the presentations that we transmit by 'streaming' through TVURJC. For our part, we live this edition with more organizational maturity, but with the same enthusiasm”, says this URJC student, satisfied.