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Tuesday, March 08, 2022 at 07:15 p.m.

The URJC returns to the fight for Equality

The URJC returns to the fight for Equality The URJC returns to the fight for Equality

The Rey Juan Carlos University programs a complete agenda of activities and adheres to various manifestos on the occasion of International Women's Day, which is celebrated on March 8.

Raúl García Hémonnet/Editor

The URJC, in its commitment to real equality between men and women, has scheduled a series of activities with which it is intended to address the situation of women in Spain and in the world from different points of view.

The activities related to March 8 have begun this Monday afternoon with the day 'Pozos de Pasión', which has served as a debate, conclusions and closing of the seminars on sexual and reproductive promotion directed by the ESCET professor, Myriam Catalá and coordinated by Helena García Cortés and Sandra Farés Medina. The session included a speech on female genital mutilation given by Professor Julia Ropero.

March 10 is the main day in terms of activities, since two initiatives take place. On the one hand, the conference 'The impact of female idealization in the media and fiction', which will address issues such as the image of women in advertising, or the objectification of women in social networks, among others. Lecturers Leticia Porto Pedrosa, Luis Manuel Martínez Domínguez and doctoral student Marta Carrión Sánchez will participate.

That same day, in the afternoon, the session 'Women with disabilities from a gender and rights approach: making gender and disability inequalities visible' will take place. In it, the UC3M professor, Esther Castellanos Torres, will try to offer a critical look from a gender perspective, towards the reality of women with disabilities who are exposed to violence and discrimination.

This cycle ends with the activity 'Pornography and prostitution: forms of violence against women'. Doctors Mónica Alario Gavilán and Valentina Milano will reflect on these questions with the presentations 'Pornography: pedagogy of sexual violence' and 'prostitution as a form of violence against women. Trafficking and sexual exploitation in the XXI century.

All these activities are held online and have been organized by the Equality Unit of the URJC, belonging to the Vice President for Planning and Strategy.

 From this department they point out that “we will continue working to achieve effective equality between women and men during every month of the year. No ceilings, no barriers, no gaps.”

A fight of all and all

The URJC, in addition to programming a complete panel of activities, adheres one more year to the manifestos that, on the occasion of March 8, have been published by both the Network of Universities in Gender Equality for University Excellence as CRUE Spanish Universities. Both texts address the need to continue fighting, from the university world, for real and effective equality between men and women.