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Monday March 14, 2022 at 09:41

A new edition of the DOCENTIA program is underway

A new edition of the DOCENTIA program is underway A new edition of the DOCENTIA program is underway

The last Governing Council of the URJC recently approved launching a call for this program to recognize university excellence.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

A new chapter of the URJC DOCENTIA program is launched, through which the university recognizes the good work of its teachers when it comes to transmitting their knowledge to students and training them to enter the world of work with guarantees.

This 2022 edition, DOCENTIA comes with a few small innovations when it comes to completing the application, as explained by Ismael Sanz, Vice-Rector for Quality, Ethics and Good Governance, "the application has been somewhat simplified, so it will require a little less than time for teachers to fill it out. For example, applicants must prove responsibility for two subjects, instead of four. In addition, two examples are requested instead of three of materials for the classroom: textbooks, exercises, notes, educational materials, etc”.

The URJC program is one of the 19 university excellence plans recognized by ANECA. The objective of the program is to recognize “how the classes are prepared, prepared and organized”, indicates Ismael Sanz. For this, elements such as materials, participation in teaching guides and study guides, teaching innovation projects and teaching innovations implemented in the classroom are taken into account.

DOCENTIA is an initiative that computes all the work done by teachers in the last 3 years. Economic remunerations have been established that are 640, 704 and 800 euros per year for three years for those teachers qualified as 'approved', 'remarkable' and 'excellent', respectively.

Applications will be able to be delivered from the first week of April and in the next few days training will be given to help those who wish to participate to fill in the registration forms. All teachers who have been at the URJC for 3 years or more can participate in the call.

The Vice President for Quality, Ethics and Good Governance expects the growing trend in participation since the program began to continue.