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Monday March 14, 2022 at 09:51

The party of mathematics, at the URJC

This Monday marks Pi Day, designated as World Mathematics Day, across the globe. The URJC has prepared a complete informative program focused on the different learning methodologies of this science.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Today is March 14, that is, that is: 14 of 3, which according to Anglo-Saxon terminology (3,14) represent the first two numbers of the number Pi, essential in mathematics, especially in areas such as geometry and trigonometry. For this reason, this date was established as the pi day.

As it has been doing since 2017, the Rey Juan Carlos University has designed a series of informative activities to publicize various aspects of mathematics. In this case, explains Clara Simón De Blas, professor of Computational Geometry and one of the organizers of the conference, "IP Day at the URJC will focus on methodologies for teaching mathematics." The theme, like every year, has been chosen by the URJC mathematics students.

Thus, whoever attends will be able to enjoy presentations on recreational mathematics, the teaching of statistics or workshops on mathematical magic calculation, among other matters, which will be given by professors from the URJC and also by guest professors from centers such as the UPM, the UCM or the University of Oviedo.

The conference is face-to-face and takes place in classroom 003 of lecture hall 1 on the Móstoles campus. It starts at 09:30 and will run throughout the day. “It is mainly aimed at University Mathematics students, but anyone who is interested in it can attend it,” explains Clara Simón.

This year's poster has been made by Computational Geometry students and butterflies of different shapes and colors appear on it, hiding a secret that will be revealed during the day.

Pi Day is an entertaining way to approach or delve into a world of science, such as mathematics, which, with its infinity of applications, moves the world every day.