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Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 07:30 p.m.

The Cycle of Conferences on Service-Learning and Sustainable Development Goals begins

During March, April and May, ESCET organizes talks given by members of the URJC and external members that will serve to publicize these issues.

Alberto Gómez

Service Learning (ApS) is a key tool that allows the University to teach students and professors ethical and civic values, and at the same time, technical innovation. The purpose of this methodology is armed in a sustainable way, focusing on teaching to understand the reality and needs of the environment in which we live. On the other hand, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cover all aspects, from eradicating hunger, to making cities, energy and food production systems, and ecosystems increasingly sustainable.

For this reason, from the Higher School of Experimental Sciences and Technology (ESCET) of the Rey Juan Carlos University, a cycle of talks has been organized to promote knowledge about the SDGs and SL at the University. "The intention is to introduce them little by little among students and teachers, give them visibility, let them know each other, and thus start proposing other types of more ambitious activities, not just talks," says Luis Giménez Benavides, Deputy Director of Communication, Promotion and Sustainable Development of ESCET.

“We would like the University Community to be aware of these global challenges and of what is being done within the university to achieve them. We also want to motivate students and professors to start introducing the ApS methodology”, they comment from the organization.

The Cycle, which will have both face-to-face and online talks, is mainly aimed at students and teachers from any field. In the case of ESCET students, the activity has Academic Recognition of Credits for those who attend a minimum of 5 conferences (0,5 ECTS) and a maximum of 10 (1 ECTS). Subsequently, they will have to prepare a brief report related to them.

To consult the program and all the information about the Cycle of Conferences, it has been enabled this link in which the registration form is also available.