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Monday March 21, 2022 at 06:00

URJC Library launches a cycle of meetings with university authors

The library, meeting place The library, meeting place

Teachers and researchers can promote their work thanks to the 'The author's corner' initiative, which starts at the Fuenlabrada Campus this Tuesday, March 22, with the presentation of the book 'Fictioning synergies'. 

Albert Rose 

"The library, meeting place". It is the motto that accompanies the new cycle that the central services of the BURJC have launched: 'The author's corner'. The initiative was born to be a space for literary and academic promotion aimed at members of the university community.   

With this cycle of meetings, any author who belongs to the Rey Juan Carlos University will be able to promote and present any of their works to the public in a relaxed and familiar talk that will be held in the spaces that the Library has on the different campuses.  

The cycle starts this Tuesday, March 22 at 12:00 in the Palm Trees Room of the Fuenlabrada Campus Library. Professors Belén Puebla, Nuria Navarro and Silvia Magro open the cycle of meetings with the presentation of their book 'Fictioning synergies', with free access until full capacity is reached.  

Carmen Soler, responsible for the activity and member of the University Library, explains that the idea came from Professor Belén Puebla, the first author to participate in the cycle. “The idea is that our professors and researchers make their published work known among colleagues or students,” she explains.  

Interested authors must fill out a form that will be available from this Tuesday 22nd. It will not be necessary to have published the document with the URJC Publications Service, but if the Library does not have a copy of the work, it will be will ask the authors so that it can be consulted by interested users as a result of the presentation. "The library offers all the graphic support of posters for the event that they need and the space inside the library to develop the talks", adds Carmen Soler.  

A space to create networks 

'The author's corner' is an activity that demonstrates the library's alliance with researchers and its commitment to supporting their work. "We guide authors to publish and disseminate their work," says Carmen Soler, who also argues that this activity "contributes to improving and converting the library into a space in which to create networks and bring it closer to people." 

More information about the cycle in the social networks of the BURJC.