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Monday March 21, 2022 at 07:30

The URJC hosts the XNUMXth Conference on Physical Activity and Health

On March 23, this activity will be held at the Alcorcón Campus in which the focus will be on the importance of physical exercise

Alberto Gómez

Playing a sport, moving, exercising is an opportunity to take care of our body and improve our physical and mental health. For many years, there has been clear evidence that being physically active improves our health and prevents many diseases. Reducing the time we spend on more sedentary activities should be a goal for the entire population, regardless of their habits.

To raise awareness in the URJC University Community, the Physical and Sports Education Area is organizing the “Physical Activity and Health Conference” for the fifth time. The objective for Juan José Mijarra, Director of the event, is "to cover the importance of the role of physical activity, as well as its benefits and even factors that influence the motivation or limitation of its practice."

"During the presentations and in the practical workshop it is intended to influence the benefits of practicing physical activity in health", they affirm from the organization. For this reason, the Physical Activity and Health sessions are aimed at both physical activity and health professionals and any interested person.

The program is divided into two different sessions: in the morning with a more theoretical part and in the afternoon session with moments for practice. At the beginning, the day will feature a presentation of the activities carried out by this area of ​​the URJC, and also with the presentation of the benefits of activities such as yoga, pilates or dance. Later, Professor Adrián Barrera will give the keys to the motivations and barriers that exist in people when it comes to physical exercise. In the late afternoon, it will be the turn to put into practice and try first-hand the benefits of the tasks mentioned above.

Those interested in participating in this activity may register through this link and later going to the Psychomotricity Room of the Classroom II of the Fuenlabrada Campus.