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Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 09:31 p.m.

Autismo Madrid recognizes the investigative work of the OIAA

Autismo Madrid recognizes the investigative work of the OIAA Autismo Madrid recognizes the investigative work of the OIAA
Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The Board of Directors of the Madrid Autism Federation, in its last meeting, has decided to grant the Office of Assisted Interventions with Animals (OIAA), of the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Autism Madrid 2022 Recognition – Research.

The URJC, through the Office of Assisted Interventions with Animals (OIAA) has been collaborating with the Madrid Autism Federation for several years. As a result of this collaboration, several programs and projects have come to light.

As Israel González, director of the OIAA, points out, “this recognition, after several years working side by side with Autismo Madrid, is an accolade for the office from a federation that is a reference in this sector. In addition, it highlights the advantages of the collaboration of the third sector with the public university in the face of citizenship and the University's own concern for its neighbors”.

La research now recognized, carried out in collaboration with Nuevo Horizonte and the Association of Parents of People with Autism (APNA), has served to improve, through Animal Assisted Therapy, communication skills and fall prevention in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (TORCH).

According to Israel González, the recognition also serves “to support other projects in which we collaborate with Autismo Madrid and with other institutions, such as the Arroyomolinos City Council and Móstoles infant and primary schools, such as the CEIP Alonso Cano, where we coordinate the Aula TEA” .

Advantages of animal therapies

Israel González explains that “these programs have the advantage of the dog's participation as support for professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers) it is a facilitating element in the sessions. By introducing the figure of the dog well, some great results have been achieved, which encourages us to continue working in this line with Autismo Madrid”.

Committed to the SDGs

The Office of Assisted Interventions with Animals, belonging to the Vice-rectorate for Planning and Strategy, contributes to the work of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda that at the Rey Juan Carlos University is articulated from the initiative ' URJC 2030'. Specifically, its activities affect compliance with SDG 3, 'Ensure a healthy life and promote well-being at any age'; 4, 'Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education, promoting learning opportunities throughout life'; 10, 'Reducing inequality within and between countries'; 'Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss'; and '16', 'Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies'.