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Friday March 25, 2022 at 07:00

The little known face of history

The little known face of history The little known face of history

“Without knowing history” is a project by two URJC students, created with the purpose of shedding light on an aspect of this discipline that is often ignored: women.

Daria Efimova

The position occupied by women throughout history has always been a complicated topic to address. Despite representing half of the world's population, his figure has been made invisible; and now, when attention is finally beginning to be paid to it, there is still little information that gives it the representation it deserves. 

From this desire to create a better dissemination of the role of women in history arises "Without knowing history”. The project, organized by two students from the Rey Juan Carlos University, aims to bring the most unknown aspects of our ancestors closer to a new audience. 

"Without knowing history" was born from the desire to shed light on an aspect of this discipline - the role of women, - which is rarely treated. It is a failure that they perceive both in the workplace and in the academic field. “We realized that, in Ancient History, very little is given; and, of what happens, women are talked about even less”, explains Lucía Sanchez Mur, a double degree student in History and Economics at the URJC and one of the creators of the project. Together with her partner, María Teresa Mira Sempere, they are in charge of everything related to this initiative: from the planning of the contents to its dissemination. 

Both of them having a special interest in this topic, they decided to take the initiative in their hands and investigate it on their own. The students had been doing archaeological excavations for several years, something that had to be interrupted during the State of Alarm, which has given them more free time. In addition, there is no specific subject that covers this situation, so there is an important "blank space" to fill in. “Taking advantage of the situation, we decided to dedicate ourselves a bit to research and dissemination on social networks, while we still had time for it,” continues Lucía. "We wanted to understand why women are not talked about so much, especially in some times and regions, where they go completely unnoticed." They found part of their inspiration in women archaeologists and anthropologists, who, according to Lucía, “went against the current”. 

It was not easy to start a project of this type. It is still difficult to promote an initiative that is entirely about women; and they have not had specific training on how to manage it during the race. Another added difficulty has been the target audience: young people, whose interest lies in information, especially audiovisual. “We had to find out how we could relate what is important to us through visualization”, explains Lucía. They see great potential in social networks as a tool for dissemination and learning, which goes beyond entertainment. 

Lucía and María Teresa emphasize the importance of creating and supporting this type of project during the university stage. Although they consider that they still have a long way to go, they feel very proud of “Without Knowing About History”, especially for their contribution when it comes to dissemination. “Right now, thanks to feminism, we are achieving and learning many things, but we are not aware of what is behind it. You cannot lay the foundations for the situation of women without understanding the difficulties that our ancestors have had”, conclude the students.