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Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 07:15 p.m.

Carlos Fernández de Casadevante presents the book 'ETA and exclusive nationalism'

The URJC professor and professor participates in a meeting this Thursday, March 31, at the Manuel Becerra headquarters in Madrid. The work denounces the responsibility of nationalist ideology in Basque terrorism.

Albert Rose

The life of Professor Carlos Fernández de Casadevante has been marked by ETA terrorism and Basque nationalism. The professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the Rey Juan Carlos University presents the book 'ETA and exclusive nationalism', with which he narrates his own testimony while portraying how, in his opinion, “nationalism, with its political and social hegemony, has shaped Basque society”.

"I wanted to tell from my personal experience what I have suffered and highlight the suffering of Basque nationalism," says the author. For this, Fernández de Casadevante has used his own experiences and the dangerous situations that, he says, he has lived in his family environment.

“When I was in Madrid doing my military service, ETA assassinated a teacher of mine that I had had in San Sebastián. Later, my mother called me telling me that my father had received a letter with a death threat if he did not leave the Basque Country in 20 days”. They are the harsh words of the author to tell his own experience, which is reflected in the book.

De Casadevante also includes in his work testimonies of other people who, in the same way, have been victims of threats. “I did important newspaper library work and contacted acquaintances who had suffered from terrorism. Letters of extortion and threats are shown in the book,” she adds.

For Carlos Fernández, the nationalist ideology is the main culprit of all the crimes suffered by the Basque Country and that still remain in memory. Precisely, one of the main objectives of the author is "to record facts that should not be forgotten and, above all, claim that these should be known by present and future generations."

The presentation of 'ETA and exclusionary nationalism' takes place this Thursday, March 31 at 19:30 p.m. at the Madrid-Manuel Becerra headquarters of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Along with the author, will attend María San Gil Noain, former president of the Basque PP; and Rogelio Alonso Pascual, Professor of Political Science at the Rey Juan Carlos University.