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Monday, April 04, 2022 at 10:55

Mobile communication in the world of eSports

The Teaching Innovation Group COMOJO GID-65 organizes a meeting between professionals from the video game sector at the Vicálvaro Campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Alberto Rosa/Writing

If there is a booming sector that reaches more people every day, that is eSports. The video game industry is here to stay and there are more and more actors involved in its development thanks to a new synergy of professions and specialized profiles that arise from the hand of this sector.

An example of this is mobile communication and its respective specializations that can be applied to the world of eSports. The Teaching Innovation Group on Content in Mobile Journalism: COMOJO GID-65 of the URJC organized last week the event 'Mobile Communication in eSports. Meeting between professionals', a space in which ideas and projects on this growing sector were shared.

The Vicálvaro Campus hosted presentations by various industry professionals. Beatriz Sánchez, director of communication at GGTech; Marco Montouto, project manager at S2V, GES host and eSports teacher at MSMK; Antonio Lacasa, CEO of the Global Esports Summit (GES); and Álvaro García Daza, Head of Content eSports at What The Fav, were the voices that told their experience to the students and onlookers who passed through the Vicálvaro Graduation Hall.

Among the topics that were exposed, they highlighted, mainly, the professional possibilities within the sector, the importance of events (such as the GES) and the 'networking' that facilitates the opportunities that exist when seeking to work as a communicator within the sector.

The talk began with Álvaro García, who explained his career and highlighted the virtue of being able to get to know the different actors who help inform current affairs in order to form new projects.

After his speech, Is3ngard detailed his experience on stage as a 'caster' of the RLCS, his beginnings as co-founder of his amateur club, Overmauze Gaming, and his career progression culminating his career (so far) as host of the largest eSports congress in European level: the Global Esports Summit.

For her part, Beatriz Sánchez focused on the opportunities offered by the field of corporate communication in companies such as GGTech and how to maintain contact with journalists and the media with which to share information on the sector. Finally, Lacasa explained the development of GES 2021, a congress that brought together 832 participants, 37 partners and 36 media outlets at Kinepolis, in the City of the Image.

By way of closing, the students and attendees were able to ask the professionals and talk about the ways of accessing the sector, what are the alternatives to live from eSports or some tips to start making contact with the ecosystem.