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Thursday, April 07, 2022 at 07:15 p.m.

Plastic arts, photography and short story in the URJC Cultural Promotion Contests

The Rey Juan Carlos University opens the inscriptions to participate in three different competitions on artistic creation. The economic prizes for the best proposals range from 200 to 500 euros. 

Albert Rose

'Written with art', 'At your scale' and 'The URJC that cannot be seen'. These are the titles of the Cultural Promotion Contests that the Rey Juan Carlos University has launched on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The plastic arts, photography and short story competitions aim to promote culture among the university community. 

III Plastic Arts Contest: 'Written with art' 

In this special course in which the URJC celebrates its 25th anniversary, the Culture area wanted to launch a contest to illustrate books written by members of the university community. Several authors offered their works as support so that the participants in the competition can capture their illustrative proposals.  

The designs, of free technique, will be made on the cover (one of the first pages in which the title and author of the book and the publisher appear) and not on the cover. "We intend that the university atmosphere, professors, students, degrees, buildings or university life be the reasons that inspire the illustration", they explain from the Culture area. 

Those interested in participating must fill in the following form for delivery of the copy to be illustrated. The bases and the call, as well as the form of delivery of the already illustrated books can be consulted in the institutional mail of the URJC. 

XVI Photography Contest: 'The URJC that cannot be seen' 

Photography is another of the artistic manifestations with which members of the URJC can participate in this year's Cultural Promotion Contests. 'The URJC that is not seen' aims to go into detail and find a more personal look at the day-to-day life of the university through photographs. Interested parties should send to  your photographic proposal together with the annex and the registration form that appear in the call sent to the institutional email. 

XVI Short Story Contest: 'At your scale' 

Under this title, we want to give a voice through literary creation to the university life of all the people who study or work at the Rey Juan Carlos University. The participants will focus their short story on university stories that start, pass through or end at the URJC. “A short story inspired by a university atmosphere, written with a personal voice”, they describe from the Culture area. Those interested will have to send their story together with the registration form and the annex that appear in the call sent to the institutional email.  

Delivery deadlines and prizes 

The deadline for submitting the proposals for the three competitions is May 27, and it will have to be done by registering with the Vice-Rectorate for University Extension, in addition to sending to the e-mail address of , as it appears in the call. As for the prizes, there will be three for each category: A first prize of €500, a second of €300 and a third prize worth €200. More information on the social networks of the Culture area (Instagram: @cultura_urjc; Twitter: @CulturaUrjc) and in the institutional mail.