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Thursday, April 07, 2022 at 07:00 p.m.

Bringing the epic of Magallanes-Elcano closer to young people

Bringing the epic of Magallanes-Elcano closer to young people Bringing the epic of Magallanes-Elcano closer to young people

The URJC and the Navy organize a multidisciplinary session on the first circumnavigation for ESO and Baccalaureate students.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The first Magellan-Elcano expedition, which was the first circumnavigation of the world in history, took place between 1519 and 1522. At this time, the commemoration of the 5th Centenary of this feat is taking place both in Spain and in Portugal. In this context, the Rey Juan Carlos University, together with the Navy, have scheduled a multidisciplinary session to publicize in detail this trip that changed the history of the world.

To this end, historians, former officers and active officers of the Navy have been invited to speak, among other aspects, of the historical influence of the trip, what it meant in terms of navigation or geographical positioning, or the revolution regarding international trade , among other topics.

"We want to publicize, within the field of History, events in which our country was the protagonist and in which it seems that we have tiptoed a little bit," says Julio Ramiro, professor at the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering of the URJC and organizer of the conference.

Members of the Academy of History, the Institute of Naval History and Culture, admirals and ship captains will meet to offer varied points of view on an event that represented the first globalization, something "little known", according to Julio Ramiro. The teacher highlights the added value of having a secondary school student talk about the history of this marine adventure “an admiral or a captain who has sailed the oceans and has had a crew in charge”.

In addition, Ramiro wanted to point out that it is an opportunity to listen to “our history from our voices. Many times others tell it to us, even textbooks drink from Anglo-Saxon sources”.

The event will take place today, Thursday, April 7, in the Assembly Hall of the Madrid Campus and registration is now closed. It is aimed at all those interested in History but also in Navigation technologies or business commerce and business commerce and entrepreneurship.