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Monday, June 13, 2022 at 07:15 p.m.

The URJC wins in 3 of the 5 categories of the 'Thesis in 3 minutes' contest

Doctoral students from the Rey Juan Carlos University have been victorious in the disciplines of Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

This past Friday the final of the inter-university contest 'Thesis in 3 minutes' was held. This phase, which took place at the University of Alcalá, resulted in the candidates presented by the URJC winning three of the five categories of the competition.

Doctoral students Alan Smyth, Noelia Díaz and Sergio Cavero Díaz prevailed in the categories of Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences and Engineering and Architecture, respectively. Each one has had to make a presentation in 3 minutes about their doctoral thesis. The topics have been 'Foreign Language Anxiety and its relation with Mindfulness, Personality Traits and Academic Achievement in Spanish University Students', for Alan; 'Combined use of neurorehabilitation and implicit motor imagery techniques to improve postural control and balance in post-stroke patients', for Noelia and 'Heuristic algorithms for graph embedding problems in circular arrangements', for Sergio.

From the International Doctoral School, its director, Pilar Abad, has shown her satisfaction, “we are very happy to obtain this result in a dissemination contest. This means that the research that our students do reaches society, which is fundamental as a school and as a university”.

Abad has indicated that the five finalists of the URJC have done very well. In addition to those already mentioned, Tamara Burgos Díaz-Guerra and Juan Romero Luis have participated in this phase, in the categories of Sciences and Social and Legal Sciences, respectively.

The jury has highlighted the high level of the contest in the 2022 edition, in which doctoral students from the 5 Madrid public universities have participated. This has been shown by the fact that the judges have come out with the final decision 25 minutes after the stipulated time, due to the closeness of the contest.

With this result, the URJC notably improves its participation in 2021, when doctoral student Irene Ros Martin won the Arts and Humanities category. 2022 has been, to date, the most successful edition for the International Doctoral School of the Rey Juan Carlos University.

The contest 'Thesis in 3 minutes' 2022 has highlighted the high level and social importance of the research carried out at the Rey Juan Carlos University.