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Friday June 24, 2022 at 12:18

The binomial nature-woman throughout the history of art

The URJC presents a summer course to delve into the transforming role of women in the world of culture and the performing arts.

rose marquez

The course 'Woman, art and nature on stage' will analyze the genealogical role of human rights that the binomial nature-woman has played in all stages of art history. One of its directors, Professor Liuba González Cid, explains that the relationship between women and nature has been inherent to the poetic ideal of beauty throughout history, but also “the testimony of their struggle for equality and their right to be within the official narrative of art from which it has been systematically exempt”.

In a theoretical and practical seminar format, the course will have the participation of 17 national and international specialists, who will offer students a transversal, didactic and interdisciplinary vision of the proposed topics. One of the objectives contemplated in the Horizon 2030 sustainable development strategy is to achieve gender equality to build a more sustainable world, so the thematic lines raised in the course will be: resilience, digital society, inclusiveness, gender perspective, research in humanities, artistic creation, knowledge transfer and teaching innovation.

A day dedicated to Lorca

The second day of the course will be dedicated to Lorca. “The main theme will be the female character in Lorca's theater as a vehicle for research and scenic creation. The students will creatively approach the symbolic universe of Lorca to discover Mariana Pineda, Bernarda Alba, Adela, María Josefa, Yerman, La Zapatera, Doña Rosita, La Novia, La Madre… all of them women with their own names, whose voices we follow listening in the present time”, adds González Cid. 

The session on June 28 will be online, through the Teams platform, and the one on June 29 will be taught in person at the Madrid campus. The course is aimed at all those people who want to approach the female universe from the transforming perspective of art.