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Wednesday, July 06, 2022 at 07:20

The ecological transition to study at the URJC

The ecological transition to study at the URJC The ecological transition to study at the URJC

The university has dedicated a summer course to researching how to reduce the impact of plastics on the environment.

Rosa Marquez of the Order

The educational community has a commitment to the environment and must join forces with the rest of society in the fight against climate change. The summer course 'The role of plastics in the ecological transition' has aimed to generate knowledge about this problem and publicize the research programs and projects that are being carried out from the academic field to facilitate the ecological transition.

"When we talk about circular economy we talk about product design, to make it more sustainable, to reducing consumption to extend its life and finally the reuse or recycling of materials to reduce the emission of waste into the environment", explains the Professor Alberto Jiménez, co-director of the course together with Silvia González. “In developed countries, the percentage of plastics that we generate has not stopped increasing every year, with the only exception of the pandemic, so we are going against the odds, hence the importance of recycling and finding alternative ways to oil for production. of materials".

The positive part, according to González, is that social awareness has also increased a lot in recent times, “proof of this is the good reception this course has had. We expected that almost all of them would be students from the field of science and engineering, but high school professors, academics from other universities, people who work in the environment and undergraduate and postgraduate students from different branches have come.”

The course has been taught in a single morning and afternoon session at the university headquarters in Aranjuez and has included workshops, presentations by experts in the field and interactive group activities.