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Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 12:36

The Game Jam Madrid Crea arrives at the URJC

The Game Jam Madrid Crea arrives at the URJC The Game Jam Madrid Crea arrives at the URJC

The fourth edition of this event has proposed to create a video game focused on a cultural, tourist, historical or natural aspect of the Community of Madrid

Núria Ripoll

Tomorrow, starting at 20:00 p.m., the GameJam Madrid Crea will begin for the fourth consecutive year. This activity, which is carried out thanks to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid and the URJC's Higher Technical School of Computer Engineers (ETSII), will invite young people to develop a video game related to the city of Madrid , be it a memory, a historical fact, a joke, an event, a ritual, a celebration or a specific place.

The activity, which already has more than 50 participants, brings together artists, musicians, designers, programmers and people from all disciplines to make a game in a limited time, so much so that they will only have three days to make it cape.

According to Emanuele Carisio, technical secretary of the Spanish Video Game Development Association, "this type of GameJam is very important for students." “As a result of the construction of this video game, they will be able to train their skills and create their own professional experience, since when they jump into the world of work they are required to have experience, a portfolio, to demonstrate their abilities…”

For 72 hours, the young people who attend will be able to learn from Lucía Jurado, a video game developer, and Isi Cano, a professor of video game development, multimedia design and robotics in Primary Education, resources and advice on creating the game.

In the IV edition of the GameJam there will also be a place for cultural visits. On November 12, young people will travel to the city of Aranjuez with the historic 'Strawberry Train'. "We will look back and give a brief explanation of everything you need to know about Madrid culture." "From the hand of a tour guide, there will be a brief historical summary from the Arabs and Visigoths through the culture of neighborhoods, society and curiosities of the region", they declare from the organization.

In order not to encourage competition among the students, Carisio affirms that the prize will not be in cash. "What we will do is score the games to avoid the pressure of the boys." "The video game of the winners will be exhibited in an exhibition hall that anyone who wants can attend for free, so we will ensure that video games are considered artistic and cultural elements"

This initiative has been carried out through cooperation between the ETSII, the ESNE-University School of Design, Innovation and Technology and the Spanish Video Game Development Association.